Mail Vs Email

Snail mail or regular postal mailing system is bound to remain relevant even in the 21st century where the world is being run with the internet. The reason for this among others is the fact that there’s a delicate market that is unreachable via the internet whether by e-mails or online ads of any form. As far as the internet goes, this is an untapped market! They hardly want to have anything to do with the internet because they have always lived without it, have streamlined their lives outside it and believe they can continue to live without it. They cherish any system, organization, arrangement, event, goods, and services that help them do without the internet. They stay loyal to it. They embrace and respond positively and enthusiastically to it. Regular or snail mail is the major way they receive and send information (campaigns and offers), packages, and checks. Virtually all of these persons are not computer or internet literate. The internet literate amongst them may have had some negative or traumatic experience using the internet that they just choose to stay away altogether. Yet Politicians are able to reach them with their campaigns before and after physically reaching them. They understand the value these persons place on tangible contact so they(politicians) give them what they want in order to increase their chances of getting votes from them.

Every Door Direct Mail(Eddm), Banners, And Signs

They take advantage of snail mail, Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM), and other offline methods(banners and signs) to reach them with their campaigns. Businesses ought to do this. You should do this and here, PostalAnnex of Azusa can help.
Extend your reach today! Buy into this mostly untapped market of internet-resistant customers. Employ this effective marketing tool.

We Take Care Of All The Process And Also Create Designs To Send Your Message

Engaging PostalAnnex of Azusa’s EDDM marketing tool will ensure your offers/mail piece gets to every door in the zip code area of your choice. However, there’s the how to; your mail piece should be designed to fit USPS requirements, printed, packed to fit USPS requirements, pay for stamps(cheaper than regular first-class stamps) and drop off at the local post office.
We take care of all the process and also create designs to send your message clearly to your recipients within USPS standards. This is what we do, this is our core business.
Connect with us today and let’s help you reach this untapped market with unforgettable mail and save a few dollars while you focus on other equally important stuff. We are social on Facebook and Yelp!