Perforated window films(window perfs) are classy ads for windows that provide two-way visibility while promoting your business. Adorn your store windows and vehicle rear shields with these beauties while advertising your business, products, services, and campaigns.
Restaurants, boutiques, antique shops, and sports shops owners looking to promote a new offer, product, service or discounts will find window perfs a perfect choice for turning their windows into effective billboards without obstructing visibility either way.

Why Window Perfs?

Window perfs are always there! The human mind works in patterns and apart from imaginations, it works with images fed to it through the eyes. These images are imprinted on the mind regardless of the interest or disinterest of the person seeing that image(your ads) day in and day out.
This is how it works for you: Potential customers pass by your window and see adverts. They are of two categories at that moment; interested, uninterested and undecided. As they see it often, they are bound to make a decision about it one way or the other. The interested most likely converts to a customer, the uninterested files it away subconsciously until he or someone around him needs your product or service. The undecided may get interested and convert or just slip into the camp of the uninterested and file it away for the future or his neighbor. In all, getting a window perf for your business is a winner in the short and long terms.

We Design And Print Window Perfs

It’s important to note here, however, that the design of your window perf has to be stunningly captivating in order to get the attention required to convert potential customers.
This is where PostalAnnex of Azusa can be of great help. We design and print window perfs that can hardly be ignored. Our professional graphics team will give you an attractive and compelling design which we print with top quality materials. Don’t worry about installation, it’s super easy!
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