Window Advertisement – Store Fronts

Window clings are adhesive and clear vinyl materials that can be printed on and cut to any shape. They are great for short adverts and event reminders. Window clings are electrostatically attached so they can be removed and reused over and again. So if you stick it and change your mind about the location, it can be easily removed and properly placed. This feature is a huge winner for entrepreneurs or business owners who use their own vehicles for daily business runs. You can stick your adverts and campaigns during work hours and remove when you like. You will be saving money for utility vehicle(s) especially if you’re a startup entrepreneur. Window clings can be stuck on mirrors too especially as event reminders and quick product or service adverts. Perfect for public places like washing rooms, makeup houses, backstage dressing rooms, etcetera.

We Design And Print

PostalAnnex of Azusa’s Window Clings will not leave any adhesive marks on your windows when you remove them. We design(according to your specifications) and print front and back-end adhesive window clings with creative designs from our professional graphics team. Whether you’re advertising on the go(with your vehicles) or using your storefront windows, an attractive design or concept is mandatory to get the looks from potential customers. Reach us today, we know what to do about your adverts. Window clings are stylish, brief and memorable. We know all this and how to incorporate your information to meet the standard.
Get talking with us now, let’s show you how to get your brand echoing in the minds of potential and prospective clients with window clings! We are live on Facebook and Yelp. We want to hear from you!