Whether it be for renewing a registered nurse license or for a new teaching job, a live scan is requested and has to be sent to the Department of Justice. Our live scan fingerprinting is quick, efficient, and sure to make your process easier. We immediately send your live scan electronically to DOJ and can even fax or mail your form to your requesting agency. Need to send it First Overnight, Ground, or Priority Mail? FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL are the carriers we ship with. We can help you mail out your live scan form, easy-peasy. No appointments, no lines, no worries!

Need a FD-258 form instead? Live Scan may be the most updated form of fingerprinting but we do offer ink fingerprinting services. There are still agencies that request it this way, and if yours is one of them, we’ve also got you covered. Don’t delay, and come visit us today! Contact us if you have any questions regarding live scan.