Trouble receiving packages at your current address? Whether it be a missed delivery or for security reasons, we do offer Private Mailbox Rentals! If you are constantly moving, a Private Mailbox is perfect for you as well. The benefits of having a Private Mailbox (PMB) with us starts at having a street address, freeing you from the many restrictions of having a P.O. Box. We accept both mail and packages, and you can receive email and text notifications when you have something delivered. Feel free to call us as well to check and see if you have any mail. Have a business, or want to share a mailbox with family? There are three sizes of mailboxes depending on the amount of names you’d like added and how often you’d like to pick up. We are open 7 days a week, so you can also take advantage of the benefits of having a PMB by getting your ongoing 15% discount on packaging and printing, and 5% on shipping!

Whatever the size of mailbox, you can receive 3 months free right now if you do sign up for 12 months. That’s 15 months in total! If you move constantly, you won’t need to worry about your mail, the address will always be the same. Additionally, mail can also be forwarded to you if you are at a temporary location. Contact us today to get you started!

  • Business address
  • Safe, secure, & private
  • Receive packages at no additional cost
  • Mail forwarding
  • Email and text notifications
  • Call to check mail
  • Add additional names
  • No P.O. Box restrictions
  • 80 FREE return address labels
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Ongoing savings & benefits