As an aspiring author, it can be very rewarding and fulfilling (thrilling too) to see your book come out in hard copy print. It looks real then and it’s like “wow!” “Finally!” At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we are in business to make your dream a reality!

3 Reasons Why You Should Print a Sample of your book in Hard Copy


It is easier to pay attention to details when proofreading and editing your book in hard copy format as compared to working on a soft copy. Moreover, it is strongly advised to do the final proofreading and editing with a hard copy if you’re looking to sell your book in that format. This is to enable you to see it from the viewpoint of your target audience.

Writing a Foreword

If you have the intention of giving someone to write a foreword your piece, it is mostly acceptable in hard copy as it gives them the opportunity to be thorough in grasping your theme. Besides, this activity is usually done by persons of high reputation in that field, so it is respectable and honorary to give them a hard copy.

Choosing Paper Type

More often than not, until you see your own print on the pages of your book and even have a feel of it, you may not be 100% certain of the paper type you want to use. This may not apply if you have published before.

Let’s Make Your Dream a Reality

At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we offer a number of services that can take your book from the typewritten stage to a professionally designed and printed book that will stand out on bookshelves and appeal to your potential readers. These services and more include page design, customized printing, full and self-copy services, spiral and wire binding, printing of booklets, catalogs, and a host of others.

Do you have varying concepts of your cover and page designs and don’t know which to choose or maybe you need a new concept/improvement on what you have in mind? PostalAnnex of Azusa’s got you covered! Our graphics department offers stunning cover and page designs with professional opinions on which will be suitable for you.

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