Renting a corporate mailbox is very important for you if you are planning to promote your business in Azusa but you do not have any office within the neighborhood. It is not a good idea to use your home address or P.O.Box as your business mailing address. This is because it belittles your business and makes it to appear unreliable before your prospective customers. Besides, with such an address, your business will become more vulnerable to identity thieves.

Make your business look professional

When you are introducing your products or services to a new location, you may not need an office immediately. But it will be difficult to convince your prospective consumers of the reliability of your business if you don’t have any street address. For most consumers, businesses without street addresses are less reliable. Thus, they do not want to have any dealing with them. But you can get a street address for your business even without having any office or business premise by renting a corporate mailbox from us at PostalAnnex of Azusa. With our corporate mailbox services, we will give you a private commercial street address where all your mails and packages will be delivered. Our corporate mailboxes qualify for mail and package deliveries from UPS, DHL, FedEx, Amazon, Post Office (USPS) and other delivery services.

Know when you have a package

Undoubtedly, your business sometimes receives mails that require urgent attention. Late reception of such mails can have damaging consequences on your business. Surely, you will not want to suffer such consequence. With our corporate mailbox, you will not be a victim of such problems. We will receive all your mails and packages and immediately send you a notification via email and/or text message that you have some mails. In case, you are out of town, there is no cause for alarm. Once you have a mail, we will forward it to you wherever you are insofar as you leave your address to us and also make some deposit for the services.

At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we help our clients to manage their mails in the most cost effective manner. With us, you will not have any need to be checking your corporate mailbox always. Before you come, just give us a call and we inform you if you have any mail or not. In this way, you will save money and time as you will only leave your office or home when you have a package.

It is the same

Change of address will no longer constitute a problem to you. You will not have any need to fill any form for redirecting and forwarding your mails to your new address because the street address we will give your business remains the same.

Protect your privacy and secure your mails

It is not a good practice to receive mails for your business via your home address. Apart from the fact that it does not make your business look professional, it is not a good security practice. All your customers will know your home address. Some may come to your home for official matters that should be handled in your office. In this way, your privacy will be compromised. Besides, some thieves check house mailboxes when owners are not around to see if they can find valuable packages. You may lose some important documents to such thieves if you receive corporate mails via your home address. This can also make you a victim of identity theft. With a corporate mailbox such thieves have no chances of success.

You can see why it is important that you rent a corporate mailbox from us at PostalAnnex of Azusa. We have different sizes of mailboxes to meet different needs. Visit our Facebook and Yelp pages for inquiries and more information on our corporate mailbox service and other services we offer. You can also call us at (626) 771-2340 for discussion on all your private mail needs.