Not for the inexperienced

Improper packing of items is one of the major causes of damages and breakages during shipment. If you are shipping, it is advisable that you pack your belongings very well using appropriate packing materials. However, some items such as artworks, upholstery and others owing to their size, weight, shape, form or even value won’t fit into any packing box. Such items require specific crating. Thus packing and handling them requires experience and specialized knowledge. If you have such items to move or ship, you do not have to force them into a moving box. You can ship them with custom crates. In this regard, you will require professional custom crating services.

Custom crates are the way out

Normally, crates are used to pack such items. But they are custom-built meaning that a special crate will be made for those items that cannot fit into packing boxes. Thus, a custom crate service provider will have to take measurements of the items with irregular shape and then construct a crate that will suit them. The construction of the crate is just an aspect of the entire task. The crate has to be padded to provide a cushioning effect to the item that will be packed into them. It is, therefore, better handled by a professional custom crating company.

Let the experts handle it

If you have an irregular item or item of high value, you can save yourself from the difficulty involved in custom crating by calling us at (626) 771-2340. At PostalAnnex+ of Azusa, we are very proficient in handling and packing items with irregular shapes regardless of their size and weight. Our efficient and experienced staff will carefully handle and crate all your delicate and awkwardly shaped items ensuring that they are properly and securely packed.

We oversee the design and creation of custom crates so that your items will fit properly. At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we are quite aware of the importance of proper packing in the shipment of items. This is why we discharge our services in compliances with the best industry standards and practices. Each object is put in a crate specially made for it. In this way, the possibility of breakage and damages is reduced to the barest minimum. We offer a complete range of custom crate solutions to fit your shipping needs

You can reach out to PostalAnnex of Azusa for custom crates. Kindly visit our Facebook page for more information about our custom crate services. Also, visit our Yelp page for inquiries. In case you will want to speak with a member of our staff, kindly call (626) 771-2340.