Live scan fingerprinting is a common employment procedure and is often required multiple times throughout a person’s career. It is also a precondition for professional licensing and/or renewal for Nurses, Doctors, Engineers, lawyers, and real estate brokers, just to name a few.

Live scan fingerprinting is a simplified routinary background check for personal identification and criminal history. It is where your digital fingerprints are taken and sent electronically to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and/or the FBI and checked for records. The results will then be sent directly to the requesting party.

The whole process will take you around 15 mins. We also provide ink fingerprinting, where prints are taken manually.

Importance of background checks
Thorough history evaluation of employees and professionals ensures public safety. These people could be holding sensitive positions and we don’t want to expose them to the public if they have criminal records. You don’t want to hire a trailer truck driver with several DUI’s. Employers and licensing authorities, on the other hand, could also be held liable for negligence if they fail to require this procedure.

But you need not go very far to have them taken because PostalAnnex in Azusa is authorized by DOJ to conduct them. We have trained and certified fingerprinting specialists who are more than willing to accommodate you.

For Livescan fingerprinting, we require a “Request For Live Scan Service” form from the requesting party along with a government-issued photo ID, while for the Manual fingerprinting, a government-issued photo ID will suffice.

Please do not forget to call us in advance at (626) 771-2340 for an appointment and corresponding fees. You can also check our Facebook page for more information. We are open all 7 days.