Egg hunting is a magnet for kids. The feeling of finding colorful eggs is simply irresistible to them just like we used to back in the days. If you want to drive your kid’s competitive spirit, you can never go wrong with it.

However, if you really wanna get creative on this day without losing all the fun and laughter, you can turn this event into a charity, fundraising activity or create awareness.

Ideas for Easter Egg Hunting

For charities, you can have it in the orphanage or in a facility for children with disabilities. The simple game of hunting, exploring and finding will give them a sense of hope that there is still more to life than what they currently have to endure. Bringing joy, gifts, prizes and just basically breaking the monotony of life may lessen their ordeal.

For fundraising, you can match a certain amount of money for every egg of a specific kind is found and whatever is raised will be donated to an organization for example. You can ask for sponsors from the obvious – the egg suppliers, candy manufacturers, chocolate manufacturers, and generous benefactors, just to name a few.

For awareness creation, you can incorporate whatever advocacy/program you are supporting like for example “Anti-bullying”. If you can pull it off, maybe you can subtly pair a bully with a victim and make them work together for a common goal and maybe they can learn something from each other.

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