Internet marketing via e-mail as widely used as it is will never edge Direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM) out. E-mail marketing is so easily abused and corrupted by malware that a sizeable chunk of e-promotional materials in your e-mail piece end up in spam folders which never gets read, only trashed. Webmail providers have designed the email reception system to flag incoming e-mails which never gets read but trashed as spam. Consequently, if your e-mails are frequently unopened before they are deleted, it will be interpreted as spam.

Reach Your Customers

Another downside to emails as marketing tools is that upon receipt of a mail, subscribers may not remember you because they have a fleeting moment to go through their inbox. They scan through and anything not eye-catching isn’t likely to get their attention. Direct mails and EDDM give a different experience altogether. Your mails aren’t monitored by any software to see if your recipients opened them or not so as to flag as spam and your mail has a probability of being opened in the least. Consumers tend to be in a hurry when on the internet(so much to do and see) as compared to picking up your mails and going through them. They separate time for this activity more often than not.

We Can Take Care Of You

At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we offer direct mail and EDDM services that ensure your offers are seen by the right consumers. There are steps leading to the engagement of these services particularly EDDM; your mail piece should be designed to fit USPS requirements, printed, packed to fit USPS requirements, pay for stamps(cheaper than regular first-class stamps) and drop off at the local post office.
We can take care of the steps mentioned above with precision and excellence. You are sure to get unalloyed support all through from our team of mailing experts at PostalAnnex of Azusa.
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