Are you filling out a form for a scholarship, preparing an application for a job or contract opportunity or just putting together an important document requiring passport photographs? Then you’ve got to do it right to ensure there’s no rejection or disqualification of your documents. A passport photograph poorly taken can result in the rejection of the whole document regardless of the correctness of other information provided.


Passport photos have general and peculiar specifications depending on organizational discretion or policies, which must be met. This is the reason why it’s inadvisable to try taking one by yourself or engaging unprofessional person(s) with a camera. You need a professional.
At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we do passport photographs and follow regulations and specifications strictly. We know the general rules and can follow specifics adeptly. We can show you, based on regulations, what kind of facial expression you should be wearing, what background the photo should have, the correct sizing, what to or not to wear, and etcetera.
We can take the shot without casting shadows on your face(facial shadows are unacceptable anywhere) with the use of a proper lighting setup. Your head from the top and down to the bottom of your chin must measure between a specified range, the picture resolution, size and quality must meet laid down standards. We are proficient at meeting all these parameters and more as may be given. If you require an instant passport photo, we can provide without compromising quality and standard.

Contact us today and let’s help you avoid the subtle but costly mistakes that could be made in taking a passport photo. See and interact with us on Facebook and Yelp. Let’s help you!