Graduation moments are so precious.

You finally see the result of all your hard earned money invested into your ward’s education(for parents and sponsors) and all the knowledge imparted to the student (for tutors). Apart from verbal felicitation, which is good, a step further with something tangible will substantiate your wishes for your graduates. Words spoken to them can easily be forgotten, but cards and gift items continue to serve as a token for this memorable day.

Cards And Gift Items

School authorities can take advantage of custom made graduation cards to keep their outgoing students reminded of the values inculcated into them, the expectations and goodwill towards them as they are released into the next phase of their life’s endeavors.
At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we can make excellent card designs that impeccably represent the reputation and standards of your institution while communicating your desired message to your graduating students. You can embed keywords from the graduation speech in the cards and our professional graphics team will help you do this creatively and seamlessly. You will be better off engaging our printing services, as we use high quality materials and standard methods. The unit cost of printing is discounted when printing in bulk with a quick turnaround delivery time. Delivery can be made to any location in the States as we employ standard carriers- USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx.
Get USC and California State-LA keys from our store to use as gifts for your graduating wards which is great for employee badges or better still, for everyone who honors your invitation to this event. We also have lovely keys of your favorite sport teams.
Support your favorite teams by giving out keys having their logo to your well-wishers on your graduation day! Parents and guardians your graduating kids at elementary school are not left out. You can give them our attractive coloring books as gifts so they have fun as they develop their artistic skill set. There are lots of gift items available which include but not limited to inspirational calendars, business card holders and tote bags.
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