Are you prepared for Mardi Gras 2018? Do people around you think much about this event that you cherish? Wouldn’t you like to draw their attention to this day of feasting and merrymaking? Or are you planning a feast on fat Tuesday in preparation for the lent season and you want people within your immediate reach to join you in this fun-filled affair? Then let them know about it – creatively.

Let Us Print For You!

Make use of printed marketing tools where applicable, such as banners, posters, greeting cards, door hangers and counter cards. You don’t really have to print in commercial quantity to create awareness albeit if you’re planning something really big like a street carnival or some mega feast then you may want to go that way.

We Can Conceptualize Designs

Here at PostalAnnex of Azusa, we can conceptualize(if you don’t have one already) designs that are irresistible even to those who know next to nothing about Mardi Gras or aren’t interested in the least bit. This is extremely useful especially for counter cards because you can place them strategically in waiting areas, countertops and even on your office desk. We design these cards to captivate and pique the interest of practically anyone. They are most likely going to ask questions when they see your counter cards announcing your event. Be sure to have someone available to answer. We print design on high-quality materials that accentuate the aesthetics of your counter cards. You have the option of personalizing the information or pattern to fit the way you want to celebrate your event. This quality of service applies to all the promotional materials mentioned above. If you want more options you can take a peek here.
If you’re not holding an event this upcoming Mardi Gras but just want to wish loved ones and colleagues well, we can design and print customized greeting cards for you to send them. Get in touch with us at PostalAnnex of Azusa now and let’s help you towards sharing a good time with your people this Mardi Gras. We are live on social media! See and interact with us on Facebook and Yelp.