We Can Help Publicize Your Event!

Do you have a new product and are planning a showcase or exhibit? Then you certainly want people to come, don’t you? After all, they’re the reason for the event! Now to the nitty gritty – reaching out to them and getting them to come. You’ve got to be “aggressive” in publicizing this event in this way: Your target audience must start seeing the adverts early enough much more than they hear it. Your adverts should be outdoors mostly as potential buyers are going to be working class. They have the buying power but seldom watch TV during the week to see any advert and weekends are full as every program wants a slice of your attention on TV. But seeing a particular advert, your advert, on a banner, sign or poster to and from the office will inscribe an image of your product exhibition event on the minds of your target audience more effectively. You can also use customized business cards displaying the product exhibition event and all other relevant information, as a reminder and distribute the same during the event as you deem fit.

We Design & Print

At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we can give stunningly beautiful designs and print all the items mentioned, and even more, to facilitate the publicity of your event. The design of your event’s advert has to be captivating, especially in a world of varieties such as ours. We can create concepts and design same to pique the curiosity of the average passer-by because they need to be attracted first in order to see what you’re offering. Afterward, we can print your promotional materials with impeccable quality.

Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM) services

Furthermore, we can help with the distribution of your postcards and all other material for this event, with our effective Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM) services. This is an effective marketing tool for your event as we will ensure your chosen zip code areas will be properly saturated with your event’s information using USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx carrier routes. We’ll take care of all the hassles of EDDM marketing for you while you take care of other equally important preparations.
Stand out from the competition now! Take charge of the market with our captivating designs and strategic EDDM marketing services! Contact us at PostalAnnex of Azusa today and see how much more you do with us. You can also see all of our print products here. We are social on Facebook and Yelp!