Your company or business venture is profitable when the total income is more than all expenses made within a defined period. This you probably know already. Business owners seek ways to cut costs as a means of increasing their ROI without compromising the quality of goods and services delivery. At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we offer a solution particularly to businesses or organizations that require delivery of goods to international destinations irrespective of the frequency of this activity. You can actually compare shipping costs of different carriers – UPS, DHL, USPS, and FedEx – in order to choose an option that’s suitable for your freight and wallet.


These carriers have different rates premised on factors like the weight and dimensions of each package, shipping address – residential, business, and carrier access points, and type of shipping service – express or ground. They also vary in their surcharges for certain parameters such as remote area locations, address correction, non-standard shipments, security services(where necessary) and etcetera.

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