Do you have documents backing a minor who wants to travel abroad that isn’t notarized yet? Or do you have a home purchase or car resale documents that you want to be trusted and accepted by recipients? Documents requiring notarization can’t really be categorized. If the recipient of any of your document wants proof that you signed it willingly and not under any kind of duress, then it requires notarization. The main purpose of a notarization is to make your document trusted and acceptable by authorities or bodies relevant to that document through the validation/authentication of your identity as the appender of the signature on that document by a Notary Public.

PostalAnnex of Azusa offers notary public services as a commissioned representative of the State of California. For the benefit of persons new to this, a Notary Public is a licensed representative of a state government charged with verifying the identity of individuals as appenders of the signatures on documents, ensuring they signed under their free will, being a witness of the signing event.
You can now notarize your documents with us at PostalAnnex of Azusa to ensure entities relevant to your documents process them freely.

Send Your Documents Through Fax

Take advantage of our fax services should you require such after notarization. Sending your documents through fax is reliable, quick and secure. All that’s needed is a fax machine and a fax number, no worries if your recipients have the right software or capacity to receive, open or download it. It is received as sent. Also, you needn’t bother about your document being hacked or intercepted using a fax as compared to sending it via e-mail. Uploading or downloading for large files are eliminated and of course, delivery is instantaneous. Your risk is quite minimal with a fax. Mail shipping is also available if you prefer this or the document requires physical delivery probably because it has certain features that can’t be transmitted via fax such as deliberate impressions to further ensure authenticity. We employ the services of renowned carriers – FedEx, USPS, DHL, and UPS. Overnight delivery services can be provided if requested.
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