Are you an online retailer preparing for the frenzied orders typical of Cyber Monday? Orders will be coming from all over the world to your online store and buyers will be itching to receive their gadgets as soon as they make the purchase.

In 2016, sales record on Cyber Monday rose above a staggering $3 billion. This should give an idea of what to expect this year. This is not just an opportunity to sell but also to make a lasting impression and increase customer base through satisfactory services. The cardinal part of services your online store will render is packing and delivery of purchased gadgets. There will be a lot of orders and even more itchy buyers; A delay in delivery or improper packing will create a negative first impression of the services rendered by you. Let’s take care of this end for you while you do other equally important stuff.

With our professional packing and delivery services, we deliver gadgets to your buyers intact and on time. At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we seek to promote your business is this vital area of packing, that’s why we have perfected this art to ensure your outfit is well represented on a crucial day like Cyber Monday. Additionally, we may have other goods and services that can facilitate the operations and profitability of your online store so meet and interact with us on Facebook and yelp; Get in touch with PostalAnnex of Azusa today and know more about how we can help you maximize the opportunity of this massive sales day!