They’re treasures, Handle them with care!

Vintage wines, antiques and artworks such as painting differ from other merchandise in many aspects. First, they are rare, meaning that you don’t easily find them. If any is damaged or lost, you are likely not going to find its replacement. Besides, they are special and fragile. Thus, it is important that they are handled with utmost care to forestall any possibility of breakage and damage. Given their rarity and quality, these items are also priceless. Losing one is like losing a fortune. If you are a collector of these items, bear in mind that you are collecting expensive treasures. Therefore, you should not attempt packing them for shipment by yourself if you don’t know how to pack them. Bear in mind that insurers will not accept poorly packed paintings, vintage wines, and antiques from any business.

Let the experts handle it for you

If you have any period piece to ship and you don’t know how to pack it, you can count on the expertise of PostalAnnex of Azusa. We have the experience and knowledge to pack and custom crate collector’s items regardless of their size, weight and shape. Whether you are shipping one painting or many of them, we will provide you with custom crate service that will meet insurance requirements. We are fully aware of the inherent fragility of such collectibles. This is why we are thorough in our approach. Before handling any item, our professional antique packers will first of all determine the most suitable packaging and crating materials and methods suitable for your items.

We are also aware that each transportation means has its ups and downs and exposes period pieces to different kinds of harsh conditions. This is why we also analyze the transportation method to be used for the shipment of your items to determine the possible risks they will be exposed to during movement. Consequently, we treat every item as unique. With this thorough approach, we at PostalAnnex of Azusa is assuring you that your collector’s items will be appropriately custom crated to meet insurance requirements. To ensure the safety of your item, we use bubble wraps and other suitable materials to pad and provide your items with enhanced cushioning effect.

Given our ability to handle various kinds, sizes, and weights of paintings, antiques and other collectibles, any person who wants to ship a period piece can make use of our services. We work with individuals collectors, art dealers, gallery owners, and auctioneers.

For more information about our antique packing and custom crating, visit our website. You can also contact us via our Facebook or Yelp pages. In case you want to discuss your packing requirements with us, feel free to call (626) 771-2340.