It is very important that you conduct background checks on your new hire. In fact, it is advisable that you make it a part of your hiring process. You may be wondering why it is important to perform a background check on your prospective employees before providing them with any offer letter. Through background check, you will know your prospective employee’s criminal records. Here are some of the reasons why it is in inevitable for your business to conduct background checks.

Make your work environment safe and secure

Employers are obliged to provide a safe and secure work environment. Besides providing safety gear and good equipment, this obligation also entails hiring individuals with nonviolent tendencies. Failure to conduct background checks on your employees can result in a lawsuit against your business should any of your employee with violent tendencies causes harm to another employee or a customer.

If your employee will handle cash or will be responsible for transactions that involve money, it is of vital importance that you conduct a background check on such a person. This is because such offices are better handled by people with proven records and integrity. You will be putting your business into great security risk if you fail to check new employee’s background to ascertain if he or she is trustworthy or not.

Employment eligibility and employment history

Before you are given any employment in the US, you are required to show that you have the legal status to take employment in the country. Every employer in the US is obliged to fill and file an employment eligibility verification form (I-9 Form) for each of his employees. By conducting a background check, you potentially determine your new hire’s identity and employment eligibility status.

Sometimes, prospective employees lie about their job history. You can find out what their job experience is if you conduct a background check on them. It will show all the previous businesses that have employed them, date of employment, salary earned and job specifications/titles. Thus, with employment check, employers are able to fish out employees that lie about their employment history in their CV. (,

We do it better

If you want to conduct background checks on your new hire or on your current employees, we at PostAnnex of Azusa can help you. Our experts will take fingerprints on paper and mail them to FBI and Department of Justice to perform background checks on them. We can also submit fingerprints online for your business. For accuracy in the collection of fingerprints, we use the best technology and acceptable methods including live scan fingerprinting/ink fingerprinting.

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