Privacy has been a hot topic in the age of the Internet. This infrastructure was setup to provide a robust mode of communication and information exchange. But this latest technological breakthrough and advancement was a double edged sword.

What it means to be online

Interconnecting people and data all over the world left very little room for information security. A determined perpetrator can gain access to almost any data if given the right knowledge and resources. This predicament left people, businesses, and organizations vulnerable to cyber intrusions and thievery.

Personal data in an open casket

This happened last December 2016 when an Israeli entrepreneur figured out a way to incorporate a selfie stick into a smartphone. He diligently worked on this prototype for about a year and probably spent a significant amount of money for research and development. When he finally got a working model and was courting investors, he realized that his invention was already on sale at some Chinese store within just one week of his Kickstarter campaign.

Business ideas for free

Trade secrets are often the lifeblood for a number of companies. One of the more recent examples was just last April 2017, when an East Brunswick man stole 20,000 confidential files from his employer, DuPont, to start a consulting business after retirement. Imagine what would happen if he was able to sell this to DuPont’s competitors, this could lead to mass layoffs in the long run.

Organization’s data on the loose

Non-profit organizations are often motivated by doing good, but what if their existence is on the line because of a data breach? This is exactly what happened to Utah Food Bank, a few years ago, when an unauthorized individual gained access to over 10,000 financial data of their donors. This unfortunate event must have severely affected their operations and the number of Utah Families they are serving.

We have an answer

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