Are you looking to start a business on the side while working your paid job, or do you fall into the category of those who want to go into it full time? Do you think of factors to consider like capital, workers, a detailed business plan, staying competitive, a feasible idea, etcetera and get discouraged? Or maybe you even started a business but it didn’t amount to much or meet your initial expectation? Not to worry, there’s a way to resolve it.

“How?” or “What way?”

It is expedient to consider the factors mentioned above, however, they are not meant to discourage you. They are there to guide you. For instance, a business center is very feasible (achievement is realistic and within reach), requires little capital to begin, can work with very few hands (can even start with only you) and doesn’t require you to bother much about competition.

One of the phrases that define the word prototype is “initial form.” If the business idea you’re proposing seems too big for your resources or it’s not completely formed in your mind yet, a venture into the business world might fill that void part of your idea.
PostalAnnex of Azusa can fast track the realization of your venture (starting your own business center/company) as you take advantage of an affiliation with us. This will enable you start off with less capital, minimized risks and have the experience of interacting with customers from various disciplines as virtually everyone does paperwork and logistics at some point.

Where do I start?

At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we have all the basic products and services you require to start a business center. We rent mailboxes with a business address and computers*. We also supply office consumables to aid the productivity and profitability of your company (both as a business center and the company you set out to establish).

We give you the edge as you start out, with our packing and shipping, notary public, printing, and copying services.

Packing and shipping, which is our core business, gives you the leeway to extend your services to help customers with movement of their goods and precious items from one place to the other. Experience our secure and professional packaging methods and seamless delivery to your desired location. Engaging our notary public services will help you through the legal hurdles associated with starting out, administer and authenticate certain documents which may or may not be related to a startup. We also offer copying and printing services with great prices especially when done in bulk. This can serve your internal day-to-day office runs and give you the opportunity to increase your income by acting as a print broker/vendor.
There’s a whole lot more you can do by affiliating with us. Get in touch with PostalAnnex of Azusa today for details on how you can get started and take advantage of our profitable offers. You can also interact with us on social media via Facebook and Yelp.

*For use in our office only.