The consequence can be damaging
Credit card statements and bank statements, are very important documents meant for private use. It contains details of all transactions you carried out within a billing period as well as your account information. The data contained in a credit card statement should not be disclosed to any person due to the increase in credit card fraud and identity theft.

Credit card fraudsters have developed different means of obtaining people’s credit card information and mailboxes are among them. Identity thieves will search mailboxes looking for items and documents such as bills and statements that will help them feed on their prey. It is not advisable to receive your statements or any other important documents via your home mailbox or directly to your office. This is because, there is the possibility of the document getting into a wrong hand.

The consequence will be damaging not just to you but also to your customers if such confidential information is obtained by a fraudster. But you can prevent your credit card statement from falling into wrong hands by renting a private mail. Items mailed to your private mailbox highly secured because it is kept in a safe place where identity thieves have no access to.

Don’t fall prey to identity thieves

At PostalAnnex of Azusa, we offer secure mail services in order to protect our customers from identity thieves and also to ensure that they receive their mail on time. There is no worry about having missed package delivery or your package falling into the wrong hands because with us, there is always somebody to receive your mails. Depending on our agreement with you, we can send you a notification that you have a mail so that you will come at your convenient time to collect it. We also offer mail forwarding services to ensure that your mails get to you on time even when you have changed your address.

With us, your credit card statements and other important documents are secured and will not be tampered with. Thus, you should have peace of mind.

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