Don’t get yourself exposed

A lot of individuals and businesses receive mails on a regular basis. But at times, receiving mails via a post office box or your home address may not be good for you or your business. Sometimes, you may not want particular people or customers to know your home. But this will be impossible to achieve if you are receiving mails via your home address. With a private mailbox, you will have a separate mailing address for your clients or particular group of people. In this way, you will not have to publicize your home address.

A private mailbox will also save you from the stress involved in forwarding and redirecting your mails any time you travel out for any reason. This is very important if you and your family like going on holidays to distant locations.

Renting private mailboxes is also beneficial to businesses especially home-based businesses. Many consumers trust street address more than P.O.Box. Thus, paying for a private mailbox makes your business look professional. It is a veritable means of having a professional business address if you are running a home-based business.

Identity theft is on the increase today. With a private mailbox, you are protected from such menace. You can decide the mails to be sent to your private mailbox and those to be sent to your home. There is no fear of your mails getting into the wrong hands. Though it is the fundamental right of Every tenant in the U.S to be provided with secure mailboxes, in reality, this is not the case. Experience has shown that in some rental communities, it is possible for one mailbox key to unlock all the other mailboxes without the tenants knowing. The possibility of this occurring makes tenants vulnerable to identity theft. But with a private mailbox, there is no chance that you will fall prey to identity thieves.

If you are traveling for a while or moving home, you don’t have to fill any form for change of address. Your mails will be forwarded to you wherever you are. You can also tell your private mail service provider to keep your mails for you until you return.

It’s safe here
Indeed, the importance of having a private mailbox cannot be overemphasized. Protect your privacy and guide against identity theft by renting a private mailbox at PostalAnnex+ of Azusa. We have different sizes of mailbox which can be rented for short and long-term duration depending on your needs. Visit our Facebook or Yelp pages for inquiries and more information on our private mailbox service. You can also call us at (626) 771-2340 for discussion on all your private mail needs.

We at PostalAnnex of Azusa also provides additional services such as mail forwarding, shipping and printing.