PostalAnnex in Azusa provides an expedited passport service but there are certain qualifications that should meet our criteria.

If all of the conditions below apply to you, then we can help you expedite them.

Passport must not be more than 5 years upon expiry otherwise, you will have to appear in the consular office for the renewal.

Passport must not be dilapidated. Normal “wear and tear” is expected provided that passport details are clear and readable, passport photo is recognizable and passport book cover is intact.

Passport must be in your possession at the time of renewal because we will be attaching them together with other pertinent documents and passport photo.

Was your passport issued in the USA? If not? Then please feel free to contact us so we can further assist you.

You must be at least 16 years old when your last passport was issued. If you are 16 or older, you no longer need parental consent and can apply for passport renewal without personal appearance. If you have questions on this, please do contact us and we are more than willing to walk you through some of the considerations on this requirement.

If you are stuck somewhere and needed help, then please contact us at (626) 771-2340 or you can visit our store for assistance.

You can get it fast!

Normal processing times of passport renewal is around 6-8 weeks but if you avail of PostalAnnex in Azusa expedited renewal service, we can get them in the following timeframes and their corresponding service fees:

As of article date:

  • 1 Day – $390 (please call us ahead of time)
  • 3 Days – $250
  • 5 Days – $170
  • 7-10 Days – $115 (passport renewal only)

Government fees that need to be paid for a passport book and/or passport card are as follows:

Adult Fees (age 16 and older)

  • Passport Book $170
  • Passport Card: $90
  • Passport Book & Card: $200

Minor Fees (age 15 and younger)

  • Passport Book: $140
  • Passport Card: $75
  • Passport Book & Card: $155

For your convenience, we also provide passport photo and shipping services.

If you have other question regarding our other passport services such as Child Passport, Lost or Stolen Passport or Second Valid Passport, please call us at (626) 771-2340 for details. You can also check our Facebook or Yelp for inquiries and customer reviews.